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Global Air Freight Solutions

Shipco Airfreight offers hundreds of scheduled service consolidations and direct services to even the most remote airports around the globe from numerous gateways. We offer a full range of origin and destination points with competitive pricing based on allocated or block-space agreements. Our consolidations are more than airport to airport including arranging collect shipments, door delivery or simply turning over documents to your agent. When freight needs to move on its own, we have many options to accommodate your needs with ease and we can consign your airway bill to master agents.

Back-to-Back / Direct Consignment

If your shipment cannot move in a consolidation, is moving to a remote destination, is hazardous, time sensitive or must move directly to your agent, Shipco Airfreight can meet your requirements and make sure your consignment moves. Shipco offers back-to-back service to any airport worldwide. Goods can be consigned directly to your office or agent overseas. Through contracts with hundreds of airlines worldwide, in addition to any consolidation destinations, we also service remote airports anywhere. Contact Shipco Airfreight about the various expedited or guaranteed air freight services to ensure your air freight consignment arrives on time.

Pick up & Delivery services

Simplify the process with one point of contact and one invoice, from A to Z. Shipco handles all your origin and destination requirements through one point of contact for a full range of transportation requirements including pricing, follow up and invoicing.


Shipco Airfreight offers DAP service from 35 US Airports to any address in the US. Likewise, we offer DAP throughout our Asian network, at a simplified base rate plus a per kg fee. When Shipco Airfreight arranges air freight to a destination, we offer complete DAP and DDP service from many airports worldwide to the consignee's door with simplified pricing. Our services include handling, coordinating and assisting with customs formalities, payment of airline terminal fees and transportation from the airport to consignee's door.

Household Goods (HHG)

Shipco is specialized in HHG. We provide international line haul to HHG packers & moving companies. We offer pick-up from professional packers' warehouses and arrange air freight either by most affordable route or by specific flag carrier if such is required. Shipco also offers 'foreign to foreign' moves. We have a dedicated HHG team that knows the ins and outs of this important sector.


Shipco Airfreight is dedicated to carrying out a security program ensuring compliance with government regulations worldwide. We have automated Manifest filing with air carriers from major origins to ensure compliance with customs requirements worldwide such as ENS and AMS. Shipco Airfreight is a Transportation Security Administration approved Indirect Air Carrier and a Certified Screening Facility able to offer screening at all of our facilities.

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Project Cargo

From cars to oil well supplies and oversized cargo, our team has the experience and expertise to move specialized cargo. Let Shipco Airfreight find the solutions that meet your customer's requirements. We have the experience to provide viable options at reasonable prices.

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