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Why Choose Shipco Airfreight?

With Shipco Airfreight, the small to mid-sized forwarder has access to buying power and infrastructure that mirrors that of a global freight forwarder.

Huge Buying Potential

Shipco Airfreight in the US has contracts with more than 100 airlines. By using Shipco, you get the same access to these contracts. Aside from dealings with airlines, Shipco Airfreight in Asia acts as a cargo broker, guaranteeing you the best possible rates.

Hundreds of Weekly Consolidations

Shipco maintains hundreds of weekly scheduled consolidations offerings very competitive rates and acces to space while providing unparalleled service. We are happy to issue an air way bill directly to your agents as a back-to-back.

Full Service from A through Z

Our service is not limited to air freight. We also offer pickup, warehousing, labeling and documentation services. At destination we can offer deliver DAP and charges collect. For import shipments, we can handle purchase order follow up on your behalf. You can outsource your entire air freight operation to Shipco.

SeaAir Hybrid Product

As a leading wholesaler of both air and ocean, we combine the best of both worlds, in a unique SeaAir hybrid. This 100% Shipco product offers multiple weekly departures from Asia with air freight from Los Angeles & Miami to South & Central America, all in a Shipco controlled environment. Learn More

Rate Advantages

As a TSA Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF), Shipco Airfreight can tender pre-built units which often drives down the rates. We have global contracts with many airlines and can combine volumetric and dense shipments from customers which leads to competitive rates for you. Remember to check with Shipco as often as you do with the airlines.


With representation across the globe, Shipco offers seamless access to an extensive network of own offices and dedicated agents.

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Shipco is committed to a proactive approach to security. We recognize the need for international trade security and are committed to compliance to local rules and regulations around the world

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State-of-the-art E-Commerce tools streamline your workday. Efficiently make bookings with instant and real time global sailing schedules. Track shipments and view/download Shipco generated paperwork.