Code of Conduct


  1. Our Introduction to The Code of Conduct :
    1. What is the purpose of our Code of Conduct?
    2. Who does our Code of Conduct apply to?
    3. What is Management's commitment to our Code of Conduct?
    4. How do I determine proper ethical conduct?
    5. What should I do if I know or suspect a violation of our Code?
    6. How does our Code apply to different laws in different countries?
    7. Could reporting a known or suspected violation of our Code of Conduct affect my job?
    8. What happens if someone violates our Code of Conduct?
    9. What is the difference between the Shipco Code of Conduct and a local/regional Shipco Employee Handbook?

  2. Our Workplace Responsibilities:
    1. We Treat Each Other with Respect by:
      1. Promoting Open and Honest Communications
      2. Encouraging Trust and Credibility
      3. Valuing Diversity and Equal Opportunity in Employment
      4. Preventing Harassment
      5. Preventing Discrimination
      6. Protecting Human Rights
      7. Encouraging a Safe and Healthy Workplace
      8. Preventing Violence in the Workplace
      9. Requiring a Drug-Free Workplace
      10. Promoting Environmental Awareness
      11. Engaging in Proper Use of Social Media

    2. We Act in Our Company's Best Interest by:
      1. Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
      2. Ensuring Proper Acceptance of Gifts, Meals, Travel/Entertainment
      3. Ensuring Proper Charitable Donations
      4. Ensuring Proper Contributions to Political Parties and Non-Governmental Organizations
      5. Creating and Maintaining Accurate Financial Reporting and Recordkeeping
      6. Protecting and Using Company Assets Responsibly
      7. Safeguarding Confidential and Proprietary Information
      8. Engaging in Proper Use of Social Media

  3. Our Business Responsibilities:
    1. We Are Compliant with Local, Industry and Federal Laws and Regulations by:
      1. Promoting Fair Competition and Antitrust Requirements
      2. Preventing Bribery and Corruption
      3. Following Facilitation Payments Guidance
      4. Following Security/ Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) Compliance
      5. Following Export Administration Compliance

  4. Our Reporting and Investigation Procedures:
    1. Seek Guidance
    2. Report Concerns
    3. Translation, Amendment, Modification and Waiver of The Code